VIDEO: Release of the album – “Wit & Whimsy” by Alexander S. Bermange

Renowned composer and lyricist Alexander S. Bermange has garnered worldwide attention with his latest music album release “Wit & Whimsy.” The album showcases the unbridled talent, humor, and unparalleled creativity that has come to define his work in the theater industry. The 14-track collection features a star-studded lineup of West End and Broadway performers interpreting some “never-before-heard” songs by Bermange, which leaves no doubt that you’re going to be in for quite a show.

Bermange is no stranger to success in the world of theater, having made waves on both sides of the Atlantic with his compositions for musicals such as “The Route to Happiness,” “Thirteen Days,” and “Sleeping Arrangements.” His unique ability to capture depth and convey warmth, humor, or sorrow with his melodies has made his body of work a masterclass in songwriting.

In “Wit & Whimsy,” this extensive depth of experience and artistic talent shines brightly. Every track explores different aspects of life, love, and laughter through truly mesmerizing melodies accompanied by crisp, well-thought-out lyrics. Some highlights of this fantastic album include “Estella (Scenes From a Life),” which looks at relationships with a keen eye and understanding; “I Hate Restaurants,” a tongue-in-cheek look at dining out (which might hit closer to reality for many); “What I’d Say If This Were A Musical” takes a playful dig at letting emotions spill out in song just like in a theater performance.

This entire compilation is an undeniably exhilarating and unforgettable journey through Bermange’s colorful world where wit meets whimsy. It serves as a timely reminder that wonderful things can still happen amid dark times if we keep our eyes open.

The video below gives you a sneak peek into Alexander S. Bermange’s “Wit & Whimsy,” from behind-the-scenes footage and recording sessions with the marvelous singers who have lent their voices to bring these songs to life. Some notable artists featured include Christina Bianco (“Forbidden Broadway”), Danny Colligan (“School of Rock”), Evelyn Hoskins (“Waitress”), Sophie-Louise Dann (“Come From Away”), Anna Haig-Royce Tyler-Holland (“Les Misérables”), Andy Coxon (“West Side Story“), Hemily Tierney (“Wicked“) among others.

This must-listen album is now available on all major streaming platforms for your listening pleasure. If you are someone who loves music, laughter, or even just appreciates the beauty of expression captured so eloquently within song lyrics- Alexander S. Bermange’s “Wit & Whimsy” is an absolute treat not to be missed!

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