VIDEO: Backstage at The Other Palace with Art Director Paul Taylor-Mills

The Other Palace, a renowned theatre in London, recently opened its doors to give an enticing sneak peek into the world behind the stage. In this exclusive video, Artistic Director Paul Taylor-Mills takes us on a backstage tour of the theatre to unveil what goes into creating the captivating performances we see on stage.

Originally opened in 2012 as The St. James Theatre, The Other Palace was acquired by legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in 2016. The revamped and rebranded theatre aims to create a space entirely dedicated to illuminating new musicals and nurturing aspiring artists. Central to this mission is Paul Taylor-Mills, appointed Artistic Director by Andrew Lloyd Webber himself for his wealth of experience in the industry.

In just over two years at the helm, Taylor-Mills has helped turn the vision for The Other Palace into reality. Since its revamp, it has premiered several critically acclaimed productions such as “Soldier’s Tale,” “La Traviata,” “Big Fish,” and many more. Alongside hosting emerging performers, composers, and directors, the theatre offers much-needed rehearsal spaces for creatives probing new ideas.

During his guided tour of The Other Palace in our exclusive video, Taylor-Mills showcases the inner workings of this unique performance space. With access to everything from wardrobe rooms to prop storage areas and even the sound booth, viewers are given an insight into how each department contributes to a show’s success.

Taylor-Mills also dives into the history of some of the most iconic props in recent shows at the theatre. Among them are set pieces from “Big Fish,” including a giant clock used for a poignant scene between father and son characters Edward and Will Bloom.

Paul Taylor-Mills’ passion for fostering new talent and transforming it into innovative shows truly comes across throughout his engaging tour of The Other Palace. His enthusiasm for theatrical artistry is contagious and reminds everyone that there is magic not only onstage but also behind-the-scenes.

With exciting upcoming productions like Heathers: The Musical and Faulty Towers: Dinner is Served on their Summer 2021 schedule, it is clear that under the leadership of Taylor-Mills and with continued support from Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Other Palace will continue forging its identity as an incubator for creativity within London’s West End community for years to come.

For more details about their line-up or how you can get involved, visit their website. And be sure to keep an eye out for more exclusive videos like this one showcasing behind-the-scenes insights into your favorite theatres and shows!

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