Ana Marina recently released her debut album, Haunted, dark instrumental tones balanced with pure soprano vocals. Haunted is for lovers of good singing presented in a moody, new-age style with touches of rock tones.

a1328426882_10The album starts with five original songs.  Ana Marina has written poetic lyrics matched by soaring melodies, and interesting rhythms, all with great confidence.

In My Dreams, by Ana Marina

“In my dreams 
There is only you
In my dreams 
Crashing through a million stars to you Atoms fly 
And I know why 
In my dreams
There we meet, by the flowing streamsCan you feel me falling?
Can you feel me reaching for you?”
Then follows treatments of well-known pieces by the likes of Annie Lennox (Love Song For A Vampire) and The Eagles (Desperado), and even Andrew Lloyd Webber (Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again); songs moulded to match the concept and mood of Haunted and all sitting harmoniously side-by-side.
Two things are very clear, Ana Marina has produced an album with a distinct style and it’s a great showcase of her beautiful, chocolatey, soprano voice.  To say that Ana Marina is a beauty is an understatement.

This album proves that she also has great talent and possesses much ambition. She notes that one of her influences is Sarah Brightman, and it must be said that she has a far superior voice in every way.  Her delicious tone and effortless range leave Brightman in the dust.

Ana MarinaAna Marina says:

The title track, Haunted, is inspired by the power of the connection between people, even after they have gone.  Akin to the other original compositions, the title track has a beautiful mix of sophisticated vocals, strings, piano and drums, all assisting to create an otherworldly and ultimately very unique sound.

Ana Marina is an Australian who has enjoyed success performing all over the world in productions of Phantom of The Opera, Les Miserables and Jekyll and Hyde.  Having spent so much time performing in music theatre, it is not a surprise that this talented artist has wanted to tell her own stories, which she has even managed to do when singing very familiar songs.

Ana MarinaA project like Haunted comes straight from the heart; words and music sung with great care and musicality.  Beautiful.


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John Bowles
John Bowles, having started his career on Australian variety television at the age of ten, had notched up 300 hours of live national TV by the age of sixteen. As an adult he has gone on to star in many theatrical productions such as ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Cats’. He has produced, directed and written for television but admits his favourite role is as presenter, and he relishes the opportunity to talk to interesting show business people and tell their stories.