Rising Star Matt Corner – Talks to Stage Door Johnny

Backstage in his dressing room, at the Piccadilly Theatre, Matt Corner chats to John Bowles about his role in the new production of Jersey Boys. 

3373613 Matt takes on the vocally challenging role of Franki Valli in a production that marks the rise of this young performer into the ranks of leading man.  It is a role that sits comfortably resting on the shoulders of this charming actor.

After touring the country with the show over the past couple of years, Matt has recently celebrated the relaunch of Jersey Boys with a gala event that saw all the excitement of a traditional opening night with lost of celebrities revisiting this smash hit musical marking its ninth year.

Franki Valli and The Four Seasons had a string of hits, making them tremendously successful, but the dramatic back story was not always known.  The musical traces the story from the perspective of the four members of the group in a gripping musical filled with well-known hits.