Our Philosophy – Live Theatre UK

The aim of this website is to celebrate live theatre in all of its forms.

Contributors here offer a completely independent viewpoint about theatre practitioners and productions, covering the full gamut between pantomime to opera and everything in between.

We aim to cover as much live theatre as we can, recording perspectives about the health and vitality of productions throughout the UK and, wherever possible, international stages such as Broadway.

In a way that would exasperate Gwendolyn and excite Cicely from The Importance Of Being Earnest, every reviewer will “call a spade a spade”. Unlike Sondheim’s Witch from Into the Woods, no reviewer here claims to be good, nice or right – just honest about their opinion.

And the great thing about theatre is that everyone can have an opinion about it – all they need to do is see theatre.

Our reviews will hopefully inspire people – you – to attend live theatre. Perhaps to judge for yourself whether our views are right or wrong! It doesn’t matter, as long as you are inspired to go to the theatre!

As Shakespeare said : The Play’s the Thing!

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