Compagnie XY present….
It’s Not Yet Midnight
Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH
Monday 10 – Sunday 23 April 2017

“Alone we go faster, together we go further…”

Returning to London for the first time in seven years, French Compagnie XY bring their spectacular show It’s Not Yet Midnight… to the Roundhouse for its UK premiere.
Featuring over 20 awe-inspiring acrobats, It’s Not Yet Midnight… is a show about togetherness; a timely reminder that if we come together, accept and look out for one another, we can achieve more.
Blending beautiful choreography with exceptional circus skills and physicality, this show is poignant and humorous, playful and uplifting.
Their hand to hand … their takeoffs, their five-storey human towers, the care with which they ensure the landing of their somersaults describes an ideal world where risk-taking, generosity and solidarity rule the roost (Le Figaro).
Widely regarded as one of the leading contemporary circus companies in the world, Compagnie XY create jaw-dropping and poetic spectacles. They are unique in their company set-up, operating as a collective who live and work together.

It’s Not Yet Midnight… is Compagnie XY’s third creation, following Le Grand C (2009) and Laissez-Porter (2005). With more than 500 performances worldwide, the company’s success has enabled them to challenge acrobatic technique from a creative perspective working with large numbers of artists.

It’s Not Yet Midnight… is supported by French cultural department (DGCA-DRAC Nord-Pasde‐Calais) by regional council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, and by Adami (association for artists and musicians performers rights).
Performance Dates Monday 10 – Sunday 23 April 2017


Performers…. Abdeliazide Senhadji, Amaia Valle, Andres Somoza, Airelle Caen, Alice
Noel, Soen Geinart, Antoine Thirion, Aurore Liotard, Charlie Vergnaud,
David Badia Hernandez, David Coll Povedano, Denis Dulon, , Evertjan
Mercier, Guillaume Sendron, Gwendal Beylier, Bahoz Temaux, Mohamed
Bouseta, Romain Guimard, Thomas Samacoïts, Thibaut Berthias, Antonio
Terrones, Zinzi Oegema.

Artistic collaboration Loïc Touzé, Emmanuel Dariès, Valentin Mussou, David Gubitsch
Light designer Vincent Millet
Costume designer Nadia Léon with Mélodie Barbe
Acrobatic collab Nordine Allal
Lindy-hop Aude Guiffes, Philippe Mencia
Production Peggy Donck, Antoine Billaud

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