Throwback is one of shows in the repertoire of the Silver Lining Circus company. This company are Associate Artists of the Jacksons Lane hub and took Throwback to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 where it was very positively received.

ThrowbackDon’t be fooled into thinking that this is the same old physical theatre that’s been seen before. There is enough aerial and acrobatic flair on show to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, but music starts the show and underpins it all.


Throwback has at its heart an homage to memories. It begins by asking the audience to nominate a song that reminds them of a great night out. The response is a deluge of paper airplanes sending remembered songs to the stage. Everyone sings the hits then, company and audience together. The energy level is high from the start and climbs to a steady pulse.

Memories are brought into Throwback by dint of each cast member telling a story. A simple story telling that paints a picture and is used to segue into amazing feats of physical strength and agility. Some story telling is fun and quirky, like spraying scent in the air to stir memories. Others are joyous and loving, like the tale of the birth of a niece whose presence changes everything in life and brings meaning.

ThrowbackIt’s not all lightness. There are moments of serious stories of disappintment and sorrow. It’s not all fast and furious. There is also extreme beauty in movement and line as well as in music.


Much of the music is live and the cast prove to be skilled and versatile performers across the disciplines.  The young man who suspends from the trapeze by his chin then sings a beautiful song – a highlight. There is another who does a credible Michael Jackson impression and performs his circus act with great style.

Directed by Paylette Randall and Simon Pollard, Throwback is full of these dynamic performers throwing themselves everywhere. It’s a fine balance of music, theatre and circus.

SOURCEPhotographed by David P Scott for Underbelly
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Viola Patrick
Viola has been obsessed with all things theatre since she was young and first encountered the Les Miserables soundtrack. Totally hooked, Viola later studied Theatre at Reading University, where she was able to perform on stage, as well as writing and directing her own material. She has written theatre reviews for newspapers and magazines and is looking forward to joining the exciting world of and online reviewing.