Theatre in its simplest form, bared down to the most basic. Fairytales for Grown-ups
– The Iron Man is a unique and spell-binding experience to remind audiences of what
it’s truly all about.
Iron Man
Dominating the performance space is an intriguing box. It looks like a credenza and is
covered in satin. The box belongs to story-teller Ben Haggerty and over the next hour
it opens to reveal an intricate arrangement of pictures that help to tell the story.

Haggerty is the artistic director of the Crick Crack Club, dedicated to elevating traditional story telling as a contemporary performance art. In his introduction to the story, Haggerty briefly outlines his background and the origins of the box which he has painted himself.

Then the story begins and wraps itself round and through the captivated audience. The story itself comes from a European background and is steeped in folkloric traditions. The Iron Man is an epic tale of adversity, courage and deliverance from inequities. It is fantastic in the truest sense.

Each step in the story is accompanied by the unfolding pictures in the box. These are
simple and enchanting but it is the energy and charisma of Haggerty that draws in his
audience. With a long history in story telling, mime and performance, Haggerty
produces an evening that surprises and delights.

Fairytales For Grown-ups : The Iron Man
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Viola Patrick
Viola has been obsessed with all things theatre since she was young and first encountered the Les Miserables soundtrack. Totally hooked, Viola later studied Theatre at Reading University, where she was able to perform on stage, as well as writing and directing her own material. She has written theatre reviews for newspapers and magazines and is looking forward to joining the exciting world of and online reviewing.