Peter Schlemiel is the arresting and haunting story of an ordinary man who foolishly exchanges his shadow for endless fortune and fame, and must face the bitter consequences. This brand new adaptation by Matthew Bosley is a physical, robust and darkly humorous reimagining of Adelbert von Chamisso’s classic 19th century novella, itself based on a popular German folk tale thought to have inspired the story of Peter Pan.

Peter SchlemielVisually and aurally striking, the show plunges you into Peter’s extraordinary world of shadows, forests and existential dread, and confronts resonating issues today of status anxiety, the race for success, and social isolation.

Theatre N16 are excited to host this high quality new work as a direct transfer from its premiere at the esteemed Postgraduate Theatre Directors’ season at Mountview Academy. This year, in collaboration with Postgraduate Creative Producers, they present ‘Mosaic’: a season of ten pieces, all of which are original or UK premieres.

Peter Schlemiel