Prepare to witness a performance like no other as The reFASHIONed Theatre opens at Selfridges with Much Ado About Nothing presented by critically-acclaimed theatre company, The Faction.

Selfridges launches a summer of Shakespearian celebrations across all its stores and online at with new window.PHOTO MATT WRITTLE© copyright Matt Writtle 2016.

On the occasion of Shakespeare 400, Selfridges are opening a fully-fledged theatre complete with workshops, rare access to rehearsals and a new production of Much Ado About Nothing.

As the revolutionary store famed for introducing retail theatre to Europe, this is the next logical step for Selfridges – another world first.

To create The reFASHIONed Theatre, Selfridges are joining forces with one of the most exciting emerging young British theatre companies in the UK, The Faction. With a reputation for contemporary Shakespeare productions and innovative collaborations, The Faction is the perfect partner for this unique venture.

Continuing Selfridges ethos of ‘all are welcome’, The Faction will offer audiences the chance to peer into rehearsals. Just as the famous Selfridges window displays give a theatrical glimpse of what lays in store, so this window into the rehearsal process will present audiences with a daily insight about the development of a production,  from rehearsals to performance, as well as offering opportunities to interact with the cast and creatives.

Partners, such as make-up brand MAC, will offer a workshop allowing visitors the chance to get back-stage and up-close to the creation of on-stage characters.

The reFASHIONed Theatre, an intimate 100-seat auditorium with a traverse, raised catwalk stage, is not just any pop-up. This complete theatre experience also includes a traditional box office, a designer royal box, a furniture designer and bespoke rig from Whitelight.

One of Shakespeare’s best, and best-loved, comedies, Much Ado About Nothing contrasts the classic love story of Claudio and Hero with the ‘merry war’ of two of his most dazzling and original wits: Beatrice and Benedick. Whilst outside forces attempt to thwart Claudio and Hero’s wedding, Beatrice and Benedick’s families and friends conspire to bring them into married bliss. The play’s society is one where appearance and presentation are everything and rumour and gossip can be lethal.

This contemporary production occupies a distinctly 21 st century landscape of high style, tabloid journalism, CCTV and iconic events.  A company of nine actors will perform in this exciting and ambitious production plus five ‘digital cameos’ will be pre-recorded and appear in projected CCTV footage digitally mapped onto mannequins manipulated by the live company.

The Faction is part of the next generation of classical theatre making for both artists and audiences. While Shakespeare remains the backbone of their work, they also work interpreting other classical texts with a contemporary aesthetic to engage and excite local, national and international audiences. Building a diverse ensemble with a rolling repertoire, The Faction is a sustainable arts organisation for the 21st century.

Shakespeare reFASHIONed is one of Selfridges’ most ambitious themed store-wide campaigns with a mix of bespoke window creations by leading fashion designers, special product collaborations and The reFASHIONed Theatre. Selfridges is bringing modernity and heritage together on the same schedule, by inviting RADA to work alongside The Faction within the reFASHIONed Theatre.

From 4 th July, RADA will precede The Faction with a two-week residency to teach visitors stagecraft workshops and masterclasses – effectively an actor’s training – including audition and feedback workshops, production techniques classes and an introduction to dance and stage combat.

Unmistakably Shakespeare. Uniquely Selfridges. Let the performance begin.

Rehearsals:         July 18 – August 22

Performances:     August 23 – September 24