CTRL+ALT+DELETE by Emma Packer is a tale of resilience in the face of adversity. Amy Jones from Brixton is an emotionally charged girl with a strong political heart. She challenges the injustices of the world, where war rips communities apart, equality isn’t universal and your biggest enemies are sometimes the very ones who brought you into the world.
A child’s need for their mother’s love is a primal driving force. It doesn’t diminish with
unavailability, it coexists with the terrible and damaging understanding that the one person who is supposed to love you without condition doesn’t. This show explores the myth that mothers are all loving and protective of their children which serves to isolate us from the truth and the harsh realities of life.
CTRL+ALT+DELETE examines and draws parallels between the control and abuse within a
domestic setting and in the wider society from the Government, Media and the Police. This
highly relevant piece addresses issues including immigration, the financial crisis, 2011 riots, the war on terrorism and the housing crisis.
Intertwining two very different worlds, CTRL+ALT+DELETE shows that maybe things aren’t as different as they first appear.
CTRL+ALT+DELETE was long listed for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award who commented that the piece is a powerful and emotive production which is worthy of acknowledgment as both a theatrical and activist piece.