On a beautiful spring evening – when both moons are full – two teenagers vow eternal love. It is a moment that will have cataclysmic consequences. Not just for them, but for the world on which they live. A world where Prom Night is a matter of life or death, where weapons are grown and trained like pets, and where a chosen few are hearing a voice. A voice that speaks of … Karagula. 

Karagula, a world premiere of epic proportions, from the pen of renown writer Philip Ridley will take place in a secret location in association with Soho Theatre between 10 June and  9 July 2016.

Karagula promises to be a unique theatre experience, and one of the largest productions ever staged Off-West End.

Ridley’s Karagula is a sweeping fantasy epic – set entirely in an alternative universe – that chimes chillingly with events in the world today. Written in fractured timescale, Karagula explores our constant need to find meaning. To believe we’re here for a reason. To have faith in something. Faith in anything.

Olivier and OFFIE award-winning DEM Productions, emerging company PIGDOG, and Soho Theatre are uniting to offer a unique theatre experience, bringing this extraordinary, form-shattering play to life.

PIGDOG is run by Singaporean visual artist Shawn Soh and director Max Barton, whose critically- acclaimed production of Piranha Heights was short-listed for a Best Production Off West End Award in 2014. Their experimental and formally playful work aims to help transform how the industry interprets accessibility, equality and gender politics. With this in mind, Barton and Soh are casting with true diversity, and all performances will be Extra-Live.

Director Max Barton comments:

It’s a thrilling prospect to be on the brink of realising this epic play. It’s so exciting to be working with the ground-breaking Philip Ridley again. In order to bring the wildly imaginative world of Karagula to life, we have assembled a brilliantly diverse group of artists, who bring non-traditional skills and vision to the process. I can’t wait to see what this team will collectively achieve.