00000KCB1In May 2016, for an extremely limited run, Twenty Seven Live Ltd and Theatre N16 will play host to an exclusive, site specific, promenade performance, based on a real life murder case that took place right in the heart of Balham.

In 1876, a lawyer named Charles Bravo was murdered in his own house, by an unknown assailant, using the most devastating of poisons. To this day, no one knows the truth, or the real murderer, despite many motives and characters that have now been etched in history. Audiences will meet the very people who wandered these corridors, contemplating their fate, whilst exploring the historical rooms at The Bedford Arms, Balham. Directed by Katie Gibson, The Killing of Charles Bravo promises to be a unique theatrical experience.

The Times called the real life atrocity “the most disgusting exhibition to have been witnessed in this generation”.  Over the decades, many writers and novelists, including Agatha Christie, have published many works of literature exploring the dark and sinister side of the Victorian Era. The Killing of Charles Bravo is an exciting new addition to dramatisations of real life Victorian era events.

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