00000PK1Kenny Morgan by Mike Poulton comes to the Arcola Theatre for its world premiere in May.

“Say what you like but there’s been a crime committed. More than one I should say”

February 1949. The tenants of a boarding house in Camden Town, alerted by a smell of gas coming from one of the rooms, discover a young man lying unconscious, and signs of what might be a botched suicide attempt. In an attempt to make contact with the victim’s family or friends, they decide to telephone the first person listed in his book of personal telephone numbers. It is the celebrated playwright Terence Rattigan….

Mike Poulton (Tony nominated for his Broadway versions of Fortune’s Fool, Wolf Hall, and Bring Up The Bodies) in his new play makes a conjectural reconstruction of a day in the life of a young man who nine years previously had received the British Film Industry’s ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ award.Poulton reflects:

“In a letter to John Osborne, Terence Rattigan wrote: ‘Perhaps I should rewrite Deep Blue Sea as it really was meant to be, but after 20 years I just can’t remember why I made all that fuss.’ I have not attempted to rewrite or adapt Rattigan’s greatest play; I have simply looked at the events that inspired him to write it and, using the same Greek structure he employed, written a new play based on certain concealed truths.”

Kenny Morgan, directed by Lucy Bailey, reveals a volatile story of secrets and lies, of destructive passions and unrequited love… and draws on the real events behind the creation of what would become arguably Terence Rattigan’s best and most celebrated play: The Deep Blue Sea.

Paul Keating, twice nominated for an Olivier award, takes on the title role.

Kenny Morgan plays at the Arcola Theatre Wednesday May 18th – Saturday June 18th.