As rehearsals continue at the Landor Theatre for the world premiere of Devilish!, a new musical comedy in which an angel crash-lands in Clapham North, the first photo is released of Alex Green in the pivotal role as ‘Angel’.

0000DevilishWebSmlOnce Angel has savoured the delights of Clapham North he decides he wants to become a human.  And thus starts his odyssey through a metropolitan mire of corruption.   Cute and innocent, he is lured into appearing on a ‘Freak Idol’ TV show and is lusted after by fans everywhere. How long before he sells his soul completely… or will his soul be saved by the love of a good woman?


Think Pinocchio meets The Picture of Dorian Gray – with jazz hands.


00AngDevilish! is a new British musical with music by BB Cooper, and book and lyrics by Chris Burgess. It was inspired by John Ruskin’s comment that an angel appearing on earth would be shot on sight. H.G Wells wrote The Wonderful Visit based on this observation, but now a new team of writers offer their musical take on this premise.


This cartoonish comedy features an original score crammed with upbeat songs aiming to prove that the devil doesn’t have all the best tunes.


Devilish! plays at the Landor Theatre May 4 to 29.