EXCLUSIVE: Backstage at CATS! Stage Door Johnny chats with star Anita Louise Combe.

John Bowles sits at the dressing room mirror with Cats star Anita Louise Combe as she prepares for a performance of the hit show. As she embarks on a new international tour, Anita show us her make-up and preparation for a performance as Grizabella.

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John Bowles
John Bowles, having started his career on Australian variety television at the age of ten, had notched up 300 hours of live national TV by the age of sixteen. As an adult he has gone on to star in many theatrical productions such as ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Cats’. He has produced, directed and written for television but admits his favourite role is as presenter, and he relishes the opportunity to talk to interesting show business people and tell their stories.